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Got7's varied history and discography!

by Helen Bosch
kpop boygroup got7 group image teaser for 2022 album
kpop boygroup got7 group image teaser for 2022 album

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Got7 has been active for over eight years now and is one of the few groups that are still active together even after they left their original agency. The boy group was known for its acrobatic dance elements, especially at the beginning of its career, and was therefore often compared to their agency colleagues 2PM . In the meantime, it's hard to imagine the K-pop scene without Got7, and the members have also made a name for themselves solo!

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In 2009, the first future members of Got7 joined JYP Entertainment: Lim Jaebeom and Park Jinyoung. Only one year later Mark Tuan, Bambam, Kim Yugyeom and Jackson Wang joined. Thus, six out of seven members were already assembled. But it would take a few more years before they would debut together. In fact, two of them first took the stage as a duo!

JJ Project

Jaebom and Jinyoung made their acting debut in the Korean series "Dream High 2," the sequel to "Dream High," in January 2012. Both seasons revolve around the students of Kirin High School. This fictional school mainly teaches singing, dancing and songwriting. The students hope to debut later as Idols. Both Jaebom and Jinyoung were part of the main cast; Jaebom even played the male lead!

In addition to the two, several other artists from JYP Entertainment were also involved in the series. Jeong Jiwoon of 2PM and JYP's founder Park Jinyoung himself were also part of the main cast. In addition, Mark (Got7), Young K (Day6), Nayeon (Twice), and Park Yeeun (Wonder Girls) made guest appearances in the series. Dream High's first season also featured 2PM's Taecyeon and Miss A's Suzy as the two leads.

got7 unit: jj project - JB & Jr - poster

Jaebom and Jinyoung then debuted as a duo called "JJ Project" on May 20, 2012. Even before that, they had adopted the stage names JB (Jaebom) and Junior/ Jr. (Jinyoung).

JYP wanted to avoid name confusion. Lim Jaebom's name is almost the same as the rock singer "Yim Jaebeom" who is very famous in South Korea and Park Jinyoung has the same name as the founder of JYP himself!

The debut single album "Bounce" contains three more tracks besides the title song of the same name. One of them "Before This Song Ends" also features vocalist Suzy, a member of JYP Entertainment's girl group Miss A. The album reached #8 on the Gaon Album Chart and the music video was viewed over a million times in the first two days! So JJ Project's debut was successful! Nevertheless, the duo did not make a comeback until 2017. This is for the very simple reason that JB and Jr debuted again in January 2014 as members of Got7!

Who is Next: WIN

A few months before Got7's debut, four of the future members were featured in YG Entertainment's survival show "Who is Next: Win". In the fourth episode, which aired in early September 2013, YG's founder Yang Hyunsuk visited JYP Entertainment with his trainees. There, the YG trainees - who would later debut as Winner and iKON - competed in a battle against nine trainees from JYP. Five of JYP's trainees debuted in 2015 in Day6 and the other four in Got7. In the episode, Mark, Jackson, Bambam & Yugyeom introduced themselves as JYP's Dance Team. They impressed the viewers with a performance to "Caught Up" by Usher. Particularly striking were the acrobatic elements incorporated into the choreography, such as flips. Such acrobatic moves later found their way into Got7's choreography as well and became one of their trademarks!

At the time the episode aired, Park Jinyoung - JYP's founder - said that it had not yet been determined which constellations his trainees would debut in. Apparently, however, it didn't take long to make a decision afterwards, because back in January 2014, the label announced the debut of Got7!

The seven members are JB, Jr, Mark, Bambam, Yugyeom, Jackson and Youngjae. Youngjae was only a trainee since mid-2013 and was added to the lineup last. JYP gathered the talent from around the world and put together a diverse group: JB, Jr, Yugyeom and Youngjae are of Korean descent, Bambam is from Thailand, Jackson is from China and Mark is a Taiwanese who grew up in California!

Stage nameReal nameBirthday
MarkMark Yi En Tuan04.09.1993
JB (Leader)Lim Jaebeom06.01.1994
JacksonJackson Wang28.03.1994
Junior/ Jr.Park Jinyoung22.09.1994
YoungjaeChoi Youngjae17.09.1996
BambamKunpimook Bhuwakul02.05.1997
YugyeomKim Yugyeom17.11.1997

Got7 is the label's first boy group since 2PM's debut in August 2008. In fact, the groups were often compared to each other in the beginning because they are both known for their acrobatic dance styles and are classified in the hip-hop genre.

The name "Got7" stands for "seven happy people coming together".

On January 20, 2014, Got7 debuted with their first album "Got It?"!

The album ranked #2 on the Korean Gaon Album Charts and topped Billboard's World Album Charts! The success was followed by two more albums in the first year: "Got Love" (June) and "Identify" (November), which both made it to #1 on the weekly Gaon Album Charts! As if that wasn't enough, Got7 also made their Japan debut in October with the single "Around the World". This was written by 2PM's Jun K. In the same month, the boy group also held their first concerts as part of the "Got7 1st Japan Tour 2014"! For their efforts, Got7 was awarded New Artist Awards at two award ceremonies - the Golden Disc Awards & Seoul Music Awards - in January 2015.


The guys did not rest on their success: From late January to early March, a series titled "Dream Knight" aired, starring the seven members of Got7 and actress Song Hayoon. So the boy group even has their own series already! The series revolves around a sick high school girl who meets a group of mysterious boys with magical powers.

Fans couldn't complain about a lack of music in 2015 either. Got7 released three Korean albums that year - "Just Right" (July), "Mad" (September) and the first repackage album "Mad: Winter Edition" (November) - and two Japanese singles, "Love Train" in June and "Laugh Laugh Laugh" in September. All albums reached high chart positions and with "Laugh Laugh Laugh" the boy group topped the Japanese Oricon singles charts for the first time!

Just two years after their debut, Got7 had already firmly established themselves in the K-pop scene and built a loyal fan base in both South Korea and Japan. You can imagine that over the next few years, the boy band continued to conquer the charts and climb steeply up the career ladder. Since the debut until today, within eight and a half years, Got7 presented a total of 24 albums. Six of them are Japanese. In the following, we'll shorten the story a bit and focus on the biggest and most interesting milestones, but don't worry; at the end you'll find a complete chronological overview of all albums!

Special achievements & milestones!

In April 2016 Got7 set out on their first world tour, "Fly Tour," which took them through South Korea, Japan, China, Thailand, Singapore and the United States. In September of the same year, they released the studio album "Flight Log: Turbulence," which topped the Billboard World Album Charts. But what is particularly interesting is that 11 of the 13 tracks were co-composed and written by the members of the boy band! They kept daring to take on new challenges and became the outstanding artists they are today. Subsequently, they also worked on the lyrics and composition of Japanese songs for the first time. These were released in November on the Japanese album "Hey Yah".

got7 member jinyoung -

Junior announced in August that he would henceforth use his real name, "Jinyoung". He felt that the stage name Junior no longer suited him and wanted to show that he had grown and matured since his debut.

By the end of the year, Got7 ranked #6 on Billboard's Year-End World Album Artists chart. This made them only the sixth Korean artist after G-Dragon, SHINee, 2NE1, EXO, and BTS to make it to the charts!

In July 2017, JJ Project made their first comeback! Over five years after the debut album "Bounce", JB and Jr released "Verse 2". The album consists of eight songs, all co-written and composed by JB or Jr. Two of them are solos by the two. It reached No. 2 on the Gaon Album Charts, the Billboard World Album Charts and was voted the fifth best K-pop album from 2017 by Billboard at the end of the year. So the comeback couldn't have gone any better!

March 2018 saw the release of the album "Eyes On You," which topped the iTunes charts in 20 countries, among others. The title track "Look" hit #1 on several major real-time charts in Korea and was considered Got7's most successful song since their debut! The next release, the Japanese single "THE New Era" in June, was also particularly successful once again. It conquered both the Oricon charts and the Billboard Japan charts!

Got7 promoted the next Korean album "Present: You", which was released in September, among other things through a comeback show on Mnet - one of the biggest music channels in Korea. The show aired on the station's television channel, Youtube channel and Facebook account. This made them only the third boy band to get their own comeback show from the Mnet!

Five years after the debut of Got7, the second subunit of the boy group was formed: "Jus2". Like JJ Project, it consists of two members; JB and Yugyeom. Jus2 debuted on March 3, 2019 with the album "Focus" and the title song "Focus on Me." Shortly after, the unit sang a soundtrack for the Korean series "He is Psychometric" in which bandmate Jinyoung starred. Focus is the first and so far also the last album of Jus2. In addition, Jus2 is currently the last subunit of Got7.

Got7 reached a new peak in May 2019 with the album "Spinning Top: Between Security & Insecurity." Including the nearly 280,000 copies of Spinning Top sold, Got7 had sold 2 million albums by the end of May, since their debut five years earlier. They were the first JYP Entertainment group to celebrate this milestone! During the following tour, "Got7 2019 World Tour 'Keep Spinning'," the boy group became the first Korean group ever to be featured on the American news program "Today Show." The show is regularly broadcast by NBC, one of the biggest networks in America.

In November 2019, the album "Call My Name" sold over 100,000 copies on the first day. This was another record for JYP Entertainment, as no group on the label had achieved this before Got7! That 2019 was a successful year for the boy group was also shown by several major awards. Got7 was awarded the Daesang (main prize) at the Asia Artist Awards for the first time! They were also listed at #4 on Billboard's Year-End Social 50 Artists chart.

In April 2020 the boy group broke their record for first day sales (almost 160,000) and first week sales (280,000) with the new album "Dye"! The next album "Breath of Love: Last Piece" (November) was the last before the big change that Got7 went through afterwards.

In January 2021, JYP Entertainment announced that all members of Got7 would be leaving the label.

7 years after the debut, the original contracts of the members had expired and they all decided against signing a new one with JYP. A few days after leaving the label, JB announced that he would henceforth use the new stage name "Jay B". In February, the boy group released the single "Encore". Afterwards, the members concentrated on their solo activities for the time being.

The change created a misunderstanding: many fans thought that Got7 would disband, especially because all members signed new contracts with different labels. This is understandable, of course, because in most cases groups really disband when they leave the entertainment in which they debuted. However, the boy group reaffirmed several times that they will stay together and will be back on stage together in the future.

Recently, in May 2022, the time had come. Got7 opened new social media accounts, unveiled a new logo and announced a new album. It's called "GOT7" and was released in the same month. The album reached #2 on the Gaon Album Charts and by early July, over 500,000 copies had been sold! In addition, GOT7 reached #1 on the iTunes Albums Chart in 95 countries. With this, Got7 became only the second K-pop group after BTS to top the charts in 90 or more countries! So the boy group has proven that they can continue to conquer the charts on their own and will surely continue to thrill their fans for many years to come!

By the way, Jay B, Jinyoung and Yugyeom have been given the rights to the two subunits by JYP Entertainment. So there is hope that JJ Project and Jus2 will also release a new album sometime in the future.

In the following table we have listed all albums of the boygroup in chronological order:

AlbumTitle trackRelease date
Got It?Girls Girls Girls20.01.2014
Got LoveA23.06.2014
IdentifyStop Stop It18.11.2014
Just RightJust Right13.07.2015
MadIf You Do30.09.2015
Mad Winter EditionIf You Do23.11.2015
Moriagatteyo (Jap.)Around the World03.02.2016
Flight Log: DepartureFly21.03.2016
Flight Log: TurbulenceHard Carry27.09.2016
Hey Yah (Jap.)Hey Yah16.11.2016
Flight Log: ArrivalNever Ever13.03.2017
7 for 7You Are10.10.2017
Turn Up (Jap.)Turn Up15.11.2017
Eyes on YouLook / One and Only You12.03.2018
Present: YouLullaby17.09.2018
Present: You & MeMiracle03.12.2018
I Won't Let You GoI Won't Let You Go03.01.2019
Spinning TopEclipse20.05.2019
Love Loop (Jap.)Love Loop31.07.2019
Call My NameYou Calling My Name04.11.2019
Love Loop ~Sing for U Special Edition~ (Jap.)Sing for U18.12.2019
DyeNot By the Moon20.04.2020
Breath of Love: Last PieceBreath / Last Piece30.11.2020

All members of Got7 have built their own solo careers over the years:

Jay B has released several mixtapes and two albums - "SOMO:FUME" & "Love." - and writes songs under the name "Defsoul", often for Got7 as well.

Mark has released several singles and in August his first solo album "The Other Side" will finally be released. Because of his popularity in China, in February 2021 the singer opened the "Mark Tuan Studio" in Beijing, which takes care of his activities in China.

Jackson has released several singles, the mixtape "Lost and Found" and the studio album "Mirrors". He has also already released his own collection called "Fendi X Jackson Wang Capsule Collection." For which Jackson himself has designed clothes, shoes and accessories. He is also always seen in entertainment shows especially in China.

Jinyoung has released a couple of soundtracks and a single titled "Dive," but aside from that, he is mostly active in acting. He has played leading roles in series such as "He is Psychometric," "The Devil Judge," and most recently in "Yumi's Cells."

Youngjae released two solo albums so far - "Colors from Ars" & "Sugar" - as well as some singles. Since March he hosts the radio show "Got7 Youngjae's Best Friend", in which his band members have also been guests.

Bambam has also released a number of singles and two solo albums - "Ribbon" & "B".

Yugyeom can count a few singles, a single album called "Take You Down" and an extended play called "Point of View: U" to his discography.

All members of Got7 have co-written and co-composed many of their own songs and those of Got7. Each one is a talented artist. So Got7 is made up of concentrated talent. The boy group is not so successful for nothing!

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