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1 Official Blackpink Official Light Stick Version 2 (Limited Edition)
1 Blackpink Handschlaufe
1 Light Stick Ständer
1 Photo Card Set (nur bei Pre-Order)
1. When the battery power is low, the color may be blurred or look like little bit different. 2. This light stick responds to a specific sound source, and the data is not entered in the product that is initially purchased. 3. Before using, update the software and performance information and specific sound source through the App. And press the power button for 2 seconds to reboot after updating. 4. If DO NOT download the data, it may be no reaction or the presentation dissimilar. 5. There is a MIC in the light stick to recognize the sound source. The response may not be smooth due to the wearing of earphones or loudly surround.
The Light Stick is delivered in a cardboard box. This serves only as protection during transport. Therefore, any minor damage, whether slight scratches, pressure marks, etc., is not a reason for return or exchange. The buyer agrees to this with the purchase.