The rock band that debuted twice - as M.A.S 0094 and Onewe!

by Helen Bosch
k-pop rockband onewe (formerly M.A.S 0094) album
k-pop rockband onewe (formerly M.A.S 0094) album

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The five-member rock band formed back in 2015, years before they took the stage under the name "Onewe". They are one of the very few K-Pop groups that teamed up by themselves!

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2015: Formation of "M.A.S 0094"

It started with three friends Harin, CyA, and Kanghyun, who later added CyA's best friend Dongmyeong and Yonghoon, whom they met at a music competition. In May 2015, the five friends formed a rock band together called "M.A.S. 0094," short for "Make a Sound 0094."

Stage nameReal nameBirthdayPosition/ Instrument
YonghoonJin Yonghoon17.08.1994Leader, Main Vocal, Guitar, Keyboard
HarinJu Harin29.03.1998Drums
KanghyunKang Hyungu24.11.1998Guitar
DongmyeongSon Dongmyeong10.01.2000Lead Vocal, Keyboard
CyALee Giuk24.01.2000Main Rapper, Bass Guitar, Synthesizer, Maknae

After initially performing covers in public and donating the proceeds to good causes, the band released its first single of its own, "Butterfly, Find a Flower", on August 13. Again, the proceeds were donated!
In March 2016, M.A.S 0094 released their first album "Feeling Good Day", which includes the title track "Feeling Good" and the single.

However, the rock band made their official debut in August 2016.

Namely, on August 2, the guys appeared on the music show "The Show" with the song "After 15 Seconds" from their first album.

k-pop rock band M.A.S 0094 Album

In November, the second single called "Starlight" was released and in December, M.A.S 0094 performed as a session band for the girl group Mamamoo at the 2016 KBS Song Festival! However, the year didn't end there for the band: on December 31, they performed as the only Korean act at the "Hello Starlight Forest New Year's Eve Concert" in China!

M.A.S 0094 started the year 2017 with the release of a new album - "Make Some Noise" - which included "Starlight". It was the last album that the band released as "M.A.S 0094". After that there were some changes for the despite all still quite unknown rock band.

M.A.S 0094 Discography

AlbumTitle songRelease date
Feeling Good DayFeeling Good25.03.2016
Make Some NoiseMake Some Noise06.01.2017

2017 - 2018: A time full of changes

It all started when the band, which until then released music under "Modern Music", signed a contract with the entertainment agency "RBW" (Rainbow Bridge World) in April. At that time, RBW managed the girl group Mamamoo and the vocal group Vromance, among others. With the agency change, M.A.S. 0094 shortened their name to "MAS."

MAS / Onewe Member Son Dongmyeong: Produce 101 Season 2 Poster

That same month, Dongmyeong was featured in the survival show "Produce 101 Season 2." He competed there with four trainees from RBW, but was unfortunately eliminated in early May. In October, the whole band applied to another survival show. "The Unit" featured mostly idols who had already debuted. The show wanted to give them a chance to prove their talent once again and draw attention to themselves. Four of the five MAS members were eliminated relatively early - Harin (52nd place), Yonghoon (58th place), CyA (59th place) & Kanghyun (61st place) - but Dongmyeong even made it to the finals! Unfortunately, he didn't place in the top 9 and missed the chance to debut in the project group. But at least MAS could show what they are made of in the show. They are not an idol group and therefore not dancers, but in "The Unit" one of the things that impressed the judges and the other contestants was how quickly they improved when faced with the challenge of practicing a choreography.

No doubt many future fans first got to know MAS through the show. So the group has laid all the foundation stones to advance their career! Afterwards, MAS changed their name one last time.

From now on the band was called "Onewe".

For the first time, "Onewe" was featured on the reality show "RBW Trainee Life - We Will Debut" in December. The show actually accompanied the six-member boy group "Oneus" on their way to debut since November 2017. Episode 4 saw the addition of "Onewe" and from then on, the two groups were on the road together. They competed against each other in various missions or worked together. In September 2018, Onewe and Oneus even released a song together titled: "Last Song."

onewe son dongmyeong and his twin brother xion from oneus

Not only do the two teams share the same agency and were both preparing for a debut in 2019 - in Onewe's case re-debut - , but they also share a pair of twins! Son Dongju from Oneus, who goes by the stage name "Xion," is in fact the younger twin brother of Onewe's "Son Dongmyeong"!

Oneus finally debuted in January 2019.

Onewe debuted under the new name on May 13, 2019 with the single album "¼".

At this point, the band already had four years of varied journey behind them. And as Onewe, it continued no less exciting! Not even a month later, on June 7, Onewe made their official Japan debut with Japanese versions of the songs from ¼. With that, the band even made it to Tower Records Japan's "Top 10 Best-Selling Japanese Singles released by Korean Artists" list! In June Onewe also held two concerts and in August the second single album "2/4" was released. Among other things, it contains a new version of "Feeling Good," the title track from M.A.S 0094's first album "Feeling Good Day!" It's a look back for Onewe and a reminder of the band's history for new and old fans.

After that, there was actually a bit of a breather. However, in October and December, fans were able to cheer on the guys live at concerts again.

On April 2, 2020, Onewe released the third single album "¾".

The title track "Q" was composed by CyA and sung together with Mamamoo's Hwasa! The song remains one of the band's most successful to date, as "Q" reached #12 on Billboard's World Digital Song Sales chart!

"¾" was followed by Onewe's first full-length album, "One," in late May. It's a kind of best off of the last year, because the album consists mainly of songs that were previously released on the single albums. But in addition there are three new songs, including the title track "End of Spring". While fans got to see Onewe live again in between, the band released two more albums in 2020: "Studio We: Recording" in September and the single album "Memory: Illusion" in December.

In 2021, the guys were first busy with concerts until they presented their new album "Planet Nine: Alter Ego" on June 16.

All five members participated in the production of the album, either composing or writing parts of the songs. The title track "Rain To Be" was penned by Kanghyun!
CyA even got a chance to work on a song that year by the girl group "Purple Kiss," which is also part of RBW Entertainment. This song was none other than the lead single "Zombie" from Purple Kiss album "Hide & Seek", which was released in September.

At the end of the year, Onewe was busy again, because after releasing the pre-release single "Star" on November 23, they followed it up with a new album titled "Studio We: Recording #2" on December 7 and another special project shortly after: Over three years after "Last Song," Onewe teamed up with Oneus once again! The two teams gave their fans a new single titled "Stay" on December 21!

The two groups are also involved with each other outside of their joint singles. Onewe's CyA has worked on songs by Oneus and has uploaded songs with Oneus Leedo on his Soundcloud account several times. So we can hope that Onewe and in Oneus will continue to work on joint projects in the future!

Onewe apparently did not take a break, because another album called "Planet Nine: Voyager" was already released on January 4, 2022. Lastly, the rock band released "Special Album [시간을 담은 작은 방]" (A small room full of time) in May. Onewe apparently did not take a break, because another album called "Planet Nine: Voyager" came out already on January 4, 2022. Lastly, the rock band released "Special Album [시간을 담은 작은 방]" (A small room full of time) in May.

Discography Onewe

AlbumTitle songRelease date
1/4Reminisce About All13.05.2019
OneEnd of Spring26.05.2020
Studio We: RecordingParting24.09.2020
Memory: IllusionA Book In Memory11.12.2020
Planet Nine: Alter EgoRain To Be16.06.2021
Studio We: Recording #2Star07.11.2021
Planet Nine: VoyagerUniverse_04.01.2022
Special Album [시간을 담은 작은 방]Roommate20.05.2022

Onewe is one of the few rock bands that can successfully compete with the popular idol groups, joining the ranks of other well-known rock bands such as Day6, C.N.BLUE and The Rose. The guys certainly have a lot more to offer and we can't wait to find out what.

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