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by Helen Bosch
seventeen heng:garae image teaser
seventeen heng:garae image teaser

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Among the countless boy and girl groups that the K-pop scene is known for, there are some that have nine or even more members. For example, EXO with nine and originally even 12 members, The Boyz with 11 members or Loona and Treasure with 12 each. Beyond that, there are even larger groups, but that is rather rare. One of these very few is Seventeen with 13 members!

The name "Seventeen" stands for the 13 individual members from 3 units that form a team together: 13 + 3 + 1 = 17.

The Units

Even before their debut, Seventeen was divided into three units, each consisting of four to five members with the same specialty.

Hip-hop Unit

Stage NameReal NameBirthday
S.Coups (Leader)Choi Seungcheol08.08.1995
WonwooJeon Wonwoo17.07.1996
MingyuKim Mingyu06.04.1997
VernonHansol Vernon Chwe18.02.1998
seventeen hip-hop unit s.coups wonwoo mingyu vernon

All four members of the Hip-hop Unit are rappers who regularly write their own raps for the group's songs. The oldest S.Coups is not only the leader of the Unit, but also of all Seventeen. The youngest member of the Unit, Vernon, was born in New York and is half American on his mother's side.

Vocal Unit

Stage NameReal NameBirthday
Woozi (Unit Leader)Lee Jihoon22.11.1996
JeonghanYoon Jeonghan04.10.1995
JoshuaJoshua Hong30.12.1995
DKLee Seokmin18.02.1997
SeungkwanBoo Seungkwan16.01.1998
seventeen vocal unit woozi jeonghan joshua dk seungkwan

As the name suggests, the five members of the Unit are all vocals. Unit leader Woozi has co-written and composed almost every song on Seventeen's albums. In addition, he also regularly takes over vocal direction on recordings. So, mainly because of Woozi, Seventeen is known as one of the few idol groups that produces most of their music themselves, though not all of it. Meanwhile, the other members of the vocal unit have also collaborated on songs several times. Joshua, like Vernon, was born in the United States, but has no American parent.

Performance Unit

Stage NameReal NameBirthday
Hoshi (Unit Leader)Kwon Soonyoung15.06.1996
JunWen Junhui10.06.1996
The8Xu Ming Hao07.11.1997
Dino (Maknae)Lee Chan11.02.1999
seventeen performance unit hoshi jun the8 dino

The members of the Performance Unit are primarily dancers, but like the others, have also taken a role in writing Seventeen`s songs a few times. All have also worked on choreography for the performance team, and Hoshi in particular is also mentioned when it comes to choreography for Seventeen`s songs, in which he regularly has a large part. The group has two Chinese members - Jun & The8 - who are both in the performance unit. Jun was an child actor in China.

Again and again you can find songs on Seventeen's albums that were not recorded by the whole group, but by the individual units. In addition, there are often posters, photo books or extras in their albums, which are divided according to units. For example, "Heng:garae" consists of several small photo books that are even named after the units.

Now that you've hopefully gained an overview of the units and members that make up Seventeen, we can get into the history of the boy band!


The members of Seventeen had already been featured in the online program "Seventeen TV" since 2013. By 2015, five seasons had been released; in almost every one, trainees left or new ones were added. At the beginning, there were already nine of the current members, but it was not until the fifth season that Seventeen, as we know the group today, was complete with the addition of The8. During the show, the group held several concerts and was also partially active in the units at that time. After Seventeen TV, the final 13 members were featured in "Seventeen Project: Big Debut Plan." The show aired between May 2 and May 26, 2015, and ended on May 26 with Seventeen's debut showcase. Seventeen was the first K-pop boy group to debut on a major network through a one-hour show. Three days later, on May 29, the first album "17 Carat" was released.


Seventeen has been active for over six years now and has built a large fan base called "Carat". To date, the group has released 14 Korean albums, two Japanese albums and three Japanese singles. So that you don't lose track with the amount, we have gathered them all for you in a table!

Korean albums

AlbumRelease dateAlbumRelease date
17 Carat29.05.2015Director`s Cut Special Album05.02.2018
Boys Be10.09.2015You Make My Day16.07.2018
Love & Letter25.04.2016You Made My Dawn21.01.2019
Love & Letter Repackage Album04.07.2016An Ode16.09.2019
Going Seventeen05.12.2016Heng:garae22.06.2020
Teen, Age06.11.2017Your Choice18.06.2021

With so many albums, Seventeen has of course also celebrated some successes and reached milestones, of which we present you the biggest and most interesting ones here!

The very first album "17 Carat" brought the boy group its first big successes. There was no other K-pop album that year that lasted longer on the U.S. charts, and it was the only rookie album included in Billboard's list of the ten best K-pop albums of 2015. The second album, "Boys Be," became the best-selling rookie album of the year and earned Seventeen awards at the Golden Disk Awards, Seoul Music Awards, and Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards. The group then won their first music show with "Pretty U," the title song of their third album "Love & Letter," a year after their debut.

"Don`t Wanna Cry", the title track from the sixth album "Al1" was the first Seventeen music video to be viewed 200 million times on Youtube and thus can be considered one of the most popular songs of the boy band.

The special album "Director`s Cut", a repackage of the seventh album "Teen, Age" was released in February 2018, and just days after its release, Seventeen was included in Time Magazine`s list of the six best K-pop groups to know. The following album, "You Make My Day", became the boy group's first album to go platinum. Six months later, the next album "You Made My Dawn" was released, with the title song " “Home" winning ten music shows at once!

seventeen an ode album cover

After that, Seventeen continued to go uphill, and for the album "An Ode" released in September 2019, they received Mnet's Album of the Year Award for the first time. ("Mnet Asian Music Award for Album of the Year") In addition, "An Ode" was named the best K-pop album of 2019 by Billboard. The list, which includes a total of 25 albums, also included releases from EXO (No. 4), Stray Kids (8), Dreamcatcher (9), Twice (14) and BTS (16).

Nine months after "An Ode," in June 2020 Seventeen reached another milestone with the new album "Heng:garae". After only five days, over one million copies were sold, more than any album of the group before!

This year, the boy group released their latest album "Your Choice" as part of the Power of `Love` project that will run through 2021. In an interview with "Seventeen" magazine, Wonwoo said about the project: "We knew that the message of our previous albums, providing comfort and encouragement to the youth of our generation, resonated with many people. This year, we chose the universal theme of "love" as the main theme for our "Power of 'Love'" project because we wanted to make music that many more people could identify with and find parallels in their own lives."

Japanese albums

AlbumRelease date
We Make You30.05.2018
Happy Ending (Single Album)29.05.2019
Fallin` Flower (Single Album)01.04.2020
Not Alone (Digital Single Album)21.04.2021

Even before their official Japan debut, Seventeen held six concerts from February 15-24 titled "17 Japan Concert: Say The Name #Seventeen" and performed in front of 50,000 fans in total. These must have been insanely excited about the first Japanese album "We Make You", which was released on May 30, 2018. This mainly contains Japanese versions of already released Korean songs, but also a brand new song called "Call Call Call".

Almost exactly one year later, on May 29, 2019, Seventeen releases their first Japanese single album "Happy Ending", which tops the Oricon charts and is certified platinum by RIAJ (Recording Industry Association of Japan). The second single album "Fallin`Flower" also reaches #1 on the Oricon charts and tops Billboard`s Japan Hot 100 charts. The second Japanese album "24H" earns Seventeen another platinum award and the digital single "Not Alone" even gets double platinum.

Seventeen is the first foreign male act in history to sell over 200,000 copies of each three consecutive Japanese singles in the first week. Now, at the latest, it's clear to everyone that the boy group is not only one of the big names in Korea but also in Japan!

K-Drama Soundtracks

Individual members of Seventeen are also repeatedly involved in the soundtracks of popular K-dramas. Most recently, Woozi, DK, and Seungkwan collaborated on a soundtrack for the second season of "Hospital Playlist" this year.


At the end of 2015, Seventeen held their first tour "2015 Like Seventeen - Boys Wish" with four dates. Because of the success, two more concerts were added in February 2016 under the name "Like Seventeen - Boys Wish Encore Concert". Of course, many more concerts followed, including the first world tour "2017 Seventeen 1st World Tour `Diamond Edge` " during which the group visited thirteen cities in Asia and North America! In 2020, the end of the "Ode To You" tour, which had started in 2019, probably had to be canceled because of Corona. Instead, the documentary series "Hit The Road" was released in mid-2020, giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at the Ode To You tour.

Seventeen BSS

On March 21, 2018, the first sub-unit called "Seventeen BSS" - "SVT BSS" for short - debuted with the digital single "Just Do It." "BSS" stands for "BooSeokSoon," which is a common nickname for the three members of the unit - Seungkwan, DK, and Hoshi.

Solo activities

Hoshi is the first member of Seventeen to release a solo mixtape. He made his solo debut on April 2, 2021 with "Spider". It's definitely only a matter of time before other members of the group officially make their solo debut as well. We can hardly wait!

Just recently all the members of Seventeen renewed their contract with Pledis Entertainment and will soon release the photo book 'Social Club: Carat`. Here you can learn more about it!


Did you know that S.Coups and Woozi were originally supposed to debut in the five-piece boy band "Tempest"?

Pledis Entertainment planned to debut two boy groups in quick succession around 2012/2013: "Tempest" and "NU`EST". The latter debuted in March 2012 and got a lot of attention, which is probably why Pledis focused more on the group. "Tempest" debut was delayed and eventually canceled. Instead, Pledis planned "Seventeen".

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