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stayc -

STAYC is probably one of the most popular rookie girl groups of the last two years. So far they have steadily increased their fan base with two single albums and two mini albums and in July they want to wow us again with a new single album called "We Need Love"!

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sf9 -

The now six-year-old boy band SF9 has announced a comeback! However, the new album "The Wave OF9" will feel a little different than usual, because for the first time not all members are involved. Of course, this does not mean that we expect less from the new album than before!

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xdinary heroes -

The band debuted in 2021 with their digital single "Happy Death Day", which attracted attention with an unusual sound. Fans have been wondering since then what more songs would sound like. Finally Xdinary Heroes answer this question with their first mini album Hello, World!

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chungha -

She's back! 7 months after the release of her single "Killing Me" Chungha finally announces a comeback! There have been rumors of a new album from the solo singer for quite some time, but as of two days ago, it's finally official. Starting today you can pre-order "Bare & Rare" in our store!

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seventeen -

The members of Seventeen last thrilled their fans in May with their studio album "Face The Sun", which included "Darl+ing", the boy group's first English single. Now a new album called "Sector 17" is already in the wings!

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